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Mikes Navy pics

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Mikes Navy pics

Post by Jam Racing_1 on Sun 8 Sep 2013 - 15:40

these are some pics of my service days.  and the USS Dehaven firing the last 6 gun salvo from a Destroyer in the Pacific Fleet, the guns are a 5" bore and fire a bullet about 40 pounds in weight, there is 3 Gun Mounts with 2 barrels each , they can fire a shell about 20 miles and hit their target easily.....

USS DEHAVEN Firing the last 6 gun salvo in the pacific fleet taken from a military Heli, each sailor on board got one of these pics.....

and a Guided missile Destroyer  parked at Pearl Harbor.  my last ship was one like this, USS Joseph Strauss DDG 16

Pic of an Attack Sub based in Pearl Harbor...

Hope ya like looking at my old pics

No matter if ya like it or not... Is my way or the HIGHWAY ZZZZZZ ! ! ! !
Jam Racing_1
Jam Racing_1

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Re: Mikes Navy pics

Post by true2dz on Sun 8 Sep 2013 - 17:06

Them are sum bad ass1 :pix fooker thanks 4 posting ..

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