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Battlefield3 ~ bad reviews on Beta release?

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Battlefield3 ~ bad reviews on Beta release?

Post by Guest on Sun 2 Oct 2011 - 2:00

after waiting for 4+ months for this title, and watching several trailers on this game...
the Beta was released just days ago and what happens? they release a fucking online multiplayer with many glitches? WtF?

we all know what Beta is and is intended for but it is off the map when it comes to problems and just plainly...fucking retarded!

1st - i hate online shit for the reason being that is isnt even strategy based what-so-fucking-evar?
i know, lets all run at the same time across a field of blazing .45 caliber bullets and circle jerk when we get to the other side right? lmfao!! Talk about forest gump here!! idiots!!
the thought of online makes me throw up in my mouth just cuz its fucking gay! ahah!!
To somehow remedy this problem which i know they wont.... id throw in the factor that if you die....YOUR FUCKING DEAD!! NO RESPAWN which btw....is a joke!! once you learn of the spawn points, you may aswel appear dead cuz youll be shot in the face the moment you appear on the map. again....GaY!!

Next, why not give a taste of the campaign in the demo? this is what im sure many were looking forwrds to?
aside from all the online gamers which i still cant understand the hype on? :P

After reading page after page on the Feedback on BF3 and how it is alike COD or MoH, or that even the theory it uses the same engine as the rest, I see 97% of BAD and even the 3% of good looks like SHIT!

Im hoping that Dice/EA does some drastic changes to the platform or its doomed to be "just another fucking shooter game" with some mild alterations. Dont get me wrong here, I am a diehard BFBC/2 gamer and always will be.

Some of the feedback gltiches off hand are:

Flashlight on gun - too fucking bright where it not only blinds the foe but its friendlies? lol
even in daylight its blinding!!

some say bullet lag but to me it seems normal cuz if you are 1000m away and the gun goes off the target wont drop the moment the trigger is pressed unless the bullet travels at the speed of HOLYFUCKBATMAN!

sometimes when your laying on the ground, the ground itself appears to look like glass? haha!

The fact you get stuck on nearly everything you come up against...fix this, its annoying!

**there are alot more i wont go into but you get the idea here**


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Re: Battlefield3 ~ bad reviews on Beta release?

Post by true2dz on Mon 9 Jan 2012 - 13:28

wtf have ya been fooker . I did tried that game pretty cool just a lil to much for me to deal with .. lol guess im old school But my kid luvs it along with gears of war ..

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