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FS: RTR Revo 3.3 w/ 2.4 radio

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FS: RTR Revo 3.3 w/ 2.4 radio

Post by Z400 on Wed 18 May 2011 - 22:22

Ive got a Traxxas 3.3 Revo i would like to get rid of.
I havent owned it but a couple of months. Ive put
right around 10 to 12 tanks of fuel through it. I bought
it brand new. Am asking $350 shipped

Completed the break in procedure using the heat cycle
method. Been running Blue Thunder HP8 30% fuel. (not
my choice of fuel)

Truck is mostly stock. I removed the EZ Start and replaced
it with a Pull Start. I replaced the 4 AA battery pack with
a Orion 1600mah rechargeable pack. Truck has the Traxxas
2.4 Link Radio. Truck has Silver and Blue springs installed.
I am including Green and white springs as well as 3 spare
turnbuckles. Ive also got a spare pull start, spare air filter
inserts, a set of LT rockers, brand new Tekno wing mount
and a Brand new Chevy Silverado body, unpainted

Im pretty sure those are all the extras ive got for it. If i find
anything else, i will include those things as well.

I changed up the throttle linkage and used Ofna servo linkage
parts instead of the traxxas stuff. This truck has 17mm hubs.
Ive sealed the engine. The body is scratched up, the cooling
head guard has some scratches on it from rolling it a time or
two. The body posts have road rash on them and there may
be a couple of spots here and there where the tires are coming

I just went over the truck before making this thread, i cleaned
it up a bit. Its not spotless but its still pretty clean.
Really i am just bored with this truck, i dont have the money
to make the changes to it that i want to make.


More pictures-


Alright, there it is.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



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Re: FS: RTR Revo 3.3 w/ 2.4 radio

Post by TRBasher on Fri 29 Jul 2011 - 0:17

Ya still got this for sale? I may be interested in it

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Re: FS: RTR Revo 3.3 w/ 2.4 radio

Post by Z400 on Fri 29 Jul 2011 - 14:42

Its gone


Posts : 142
Join date : 2010-08-08
Age : 28
Location : Central Illinois

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Re: FS: RTR Revo 3.3 w/ 2.4 radio

Post by Sponsored content

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